your best hair day,
butter soft & absorbant

Goodbye Frizz, Hello Hairline.

Everyday towels ruining your hairline? Let’s fix that. The towel you dry your body with, let’s leave it at that.

Your hair is most vulnerable when it's wet and we help you protect it. Our moisture-wicking fabric gently moves water away from hair to avoid friction, banish frizz, and lock in moisture and shine. Unravel hair that is stronger, healthier and easy to style.

Plant Based Fabric

our product is made from 100% modal - a luxurious fabric that is plant based, made with 10 - 20x less water than similar fabrics and delivers 50% more absorbency than cotton.

Think of us like yoga pants for your hair

our hair towels are the perfect balance of stretch and softness, ready for all hair types and lengths. Put your hair routine on autopilot.

Convenient elegance.

Lightweight and compact. We pack light, ready to travel with you. Whether its overnight stays, or your date with the beach. We are your portable companion.


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